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The Royal Family Privately-Own Conglomerate Empire, a business initiative that began since 10th day of June, 1946 during the British Colonial Rule.
The Royal Family Empower Growth and Visionary Wisdom in business restructuring of 1985, had given birth to Feoni Consortium Group

Abstract Background

Get to Know Feoni

Since, we began our professional finance journey,

we have been lucky to have sole opportunity to collaborate with clients on couple of exciting and successful projects over the years that have previously been seen as challenging and likely unachievable by other institutions but was rather successfully closed in record time with us.

We have successfully handled simple and difficult procurements, supplies, finance, and other non-solo collaboration with partnering financial giants in executing projects and financial ventures.

At Feoni Procurement and Feoni Financial Service and Feoni Supply Services 

we take pride in all that we do and in  the long-term relationships, we have fostered in the process over the years.


we firmly believe that innovations and target driven hard work eventually pays off, and we know that each day brings us closer to reaching our targeted goals for the consortium. 


Explore our profile portfolio, and feel free to get in touch with any question.   

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Business History

Feoni's Global Experiences and Services

Incorporation & Growth

Innovation and expansion

In December 1984, after the royal festival feast and gathering; a new vision was then conceived and the initiative to restructure the royal family privately-owned business empire was born, the conglomerate was the fastest growing business empire in the West Africa region as at December 1984.

Then Thirty-Nine (39) years old fastest growing conglomerate was restructured into an initial Four (4) subsidiaries, His Royal Highness, The Late Kabiyesi (King) deem it fit to break the royal business empire into four (4) separate Group.

About one (1) year later, His Royal Highness (HRH) decision of December 1984 gave birth to the incorporation of Feoni Consortium and its partners subsidiaries on 15th day of November 1985. 

Feoni Consortium and its partner subsidiaries was duly incorporated since 15th day  of November 1985, and have been very active in various business sectors such as Agricultural Food Product and Agro-Fertiliser Products, Petroleum Products, LNG and LPG , Agricultural Chemical, Security Related Equipment and Other Equipment Export/Import Procurement financing. 

The company has steadily grown and expanded its network across the global and across the international market.  The company is currently located in Four (4) continent and still growing. 

Business Activities

Innovation and Trade

The Consortium is currently into Procurement, supply and Financing in the following sectors; 

 1. Consumable; (Wheat, Maize/Corn, Rice, Pulse Seeds, Soya Beans, Other Grains, Sugar, Edible Oil) and Non-Consumable Commodities (Raw Material and Others) 

2. Agricultural Food and Agricultural fertilisers, Agro-equipment and chemical procurement, and Import/Export Finance.

3. Petroleum Products, Coal and  Energy related products and equipment procurement and supply financing. 

4. Aviation, Marine and other equipment Lease and procurement 

5. Projects Credit Granting and Other Sectors 

6. Security & surveillance related equipment procurement and finance.  

Business Focus 

Credit Innovation

To Provide the Easiest Procurement financing, and Bridge finance across the global market


Group CEO's

Profile & Experience

Business Innovator


Leadership Since 2005

The Group CEO has been leading this organisation since 2005 and has been in the helm of affairs since 2005, The Group CEO lead the current innovation changes and expansion, from operation in a single African country to operation in more than Four (4) continent and relocation of its finance hub to Singapore and Annex Headquarter to United Arab Emirates. 

Innovation and Initiatives

Expansion Growth

The Company Expansion growth under the current Group CEO Leadership has gone above 700% in a short span period.  The relocation of the company annex headquarter to the middle east and financial headquarters to Singapore was vision of the current Group CEO

Visions and Project Achievements 

Expansion Projects

The Group CEO has initiated couple of project, Financing, Procurement and Credit Facility that was deemed impossible by all expert but was successfully excited risk free and without lapses. 

Our Business Innovation Fosi

Competence & Aptitude

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Divine InFluency Driven

The bedrock of our growth and advancement is pure divine leading and our achieved goals has been divine light driven. 

Customer Service

Intermediate intervention in critical financing and procurement situations such as providing immediate finance relief to bridge the need for clients has been our strength over time.

Project Finance & Management

Divinely we have been in the position to provide the needed finance and advance projects management to nations over time. 

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"Believe you can and

you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

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P.O. Box 451424,

Emirate of Dubai - UAE

Telephone/Fax: +971 (0)4 346 2770

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