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Procurement and Finance 

International Procurement

Supply Credit and Export/Import Credit

We provide procurement and supply services for Government, State Enterprise and Agencies and Privately Own Institutions & Organisations.

We provide Import and Export Supply Credit and Pre and Post Shipment Procurement and Finance with a Minimum Complication.

Our tailored Supply Financing Structure enable us provide financing between One (1) Month to Thirty-Six (36) Months supply credit financing period.  

Direct and Indirect Investment 

Energy, Exploration, Aviation and Mining Sector

We provide direct and indirect Investment in the Aviation Sector, Energy Sector, Onshore and offshore Exploration and mechanised and non-mechanised mining. Investment in Agricultural related processing facilities

Project Finance Credit

Turnkey Project and EPC Financing Structure

We avail turnkey project financing, EPC project financing, and Secured credit for infrastructure projects and medical facilities, milestone project finance and Agricultural related funding both to government and its agencies, private sector and multinational. our terms and conditions are flexible and not cast on the stone. 

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