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Our Story

Feoni Consortium - The Royal Family privately-owned conglomerate empire, and has grown over the years to gain global market coverage through its networks of subsidiaries,  affiliates partners, agencies and businesses in Africa nations, GCC nations/ Persian Gulf nations and Middle East, South-Eastern Asia (ASEAN) nations, Eurasian-North Asia, Eastern-West Asia Market.

Feoni Consortium and its partner investment company was incorporated since 1985 based on a royal decision, and has been very active in the investment, finance and other sector of business such as; 



Commodity sectors,

Petroleum & Gas sector,

Exploration and Mining Sector,

Real Estate and Hospitality Industry,

Energy and Power Generation Sector, 

Transportation & Aviation related equipment leasing,

Export/Import Supplier Credit and direct finance granting,

Government related procurement and direct project financing

The Consortium has steadily grown and expanded it business across Four (4) continent of the world

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